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What to expect

Concierge Level Care

Do you wear hearing aids? How often do you see your hearing professional each year? If it’s fewer than three times, they have failed you!

Based on a recent survey, having your hearing aids cleaned and checked more than three times in a year helps their performance by up to 27%! This is why we offer concierge care.

Our on-site lab can keep a good pair of hearing aids working five years if they receive routine professional care. You see, hearing aids are computers you wear, and computers need software updates and service.
Concierge care means you’ll know your hearing professional, and we’ll know your hearing needs

What you can expect during your visit…

  • Friendly staff
  • Educated, certified, and highly trained Audiologists
  • Top of the line equipment and digital hearing instruments 
  • Comprehensive audiological evaluation
  • Detailed explanation of your hearing test including the cause of your hearing loss
  • Demonstration – we will program the newest technology on the market based on your hearing loss and let you listen to the new technology to hear the benefits of amplification. You will know what to expect from hearing aids before you buy them. *
  • Determination of your listening needs with no obligation to buy

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*Current audiometric information is required for free product demonstrations (valid tests must be less than 6 months old). 


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